Cryptic Words

A two player word deduction game. Decode the secret words of your opponent.

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A word game to challenge two opponents

Cryptic Words

Cryptic Words is a word guessing game for two players. Each player thinks of a secret word and hides it in plain sight for their opponent to guess using common clues.

Three versions are available:

  • Card game
  • Board game
  • Board game with integrated box

The board game is played on a lasercut gameboard.
  • 10-inch game board with two built-in scoring tracks
  • 28 cryptic letter tiles (6 letters/bigrams per tile)
  • 20 “take a guess” tokens
  • 12 stars
  • 16 clue tiles
  • 2 tile racks
  • 10 secret code tracking forms
  • 2 dice.

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